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A resident of Waterbury, CT, Valerie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Connecticut. She also earned her Master in Public Administration degree from the John P. Burke School of Public Service at Post University in Waterbury, CT in May 2014. In her time at Post University, she participated in CDCOLOGY, a student based research program managed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She earned several awards and distinctions for her work and participation in this program. The program supported her ability to solve complex issues, provide project management assistance, and support with health policy and budgeting concerns. It also permitted her work to be evaluated by CDC policy analysts. Valerie has also received a Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction from The World Bank Group in Delivering Better Services with Public-Private Partnerships. She is a member of Post University’s MPA Alumni Mentorship Program in which she guides students with their Capstone projects prior to their Dissertation and completion of the MPA program. Valerie joined The Center for Economic Policy and Development, Inc. as a Director in March 2015. In her tenure, she was responsible for the overall strategic and operational functions, including the development of programs, initiatives, projects, and execution of the mission. She also maintained a commitment to the leadership, management, communications, planning, and new business development of the organization. Valerie is currently the CEO and owner of Valerie Martinelli Consulting, LLC. in which she offers Life, Leadership, and Career coaching for women as well as various Management and Human Resource consulting services such as program development, management, and evaluation, human resource audits, and employee handbook and other policy developments. Valerie is also the Founder of Innovate 50/50, a gender equality initiative based on mentorship for women and advocacy for equal rights. She is also the Host of Innovate Women, a monthly Twitter chat which discusses current events, the workplace, the business world, social media, and more that affect women. Most recently, she has joined the expert panel of Women’s Media Center She Source.

Website: http://askvmc.com/

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Why You Need to Know How To Unlock Your Value Proposition

Why You Need to Know How To Unlock Your Value Proposition

One of the most important facets of coaching women is ensuring that they understand their true value. It can be very hard for women to acknowledge how to sell their skills, abilities, and achievements because we have been conditioned to not to be aggressive or risk being viewed as unlikeable. However, identifying your own skills and special qualities isn’t always the easiest task either.

The Competitive Opportunities in Innovative High-Tech HR Trends

The Competitive Opportunities in Innovative High-Tech HR Trends

2018 is right around the corner and isn’t too early to begin considering the HR and hiring trends for the upcoming year. 2017 was mainly about culture and performance. Another vast internal shift is coming, however, and this one will focus on technology and how it can be utilized in the recruiting process as well finding, connecting, engaging, and hiring people. In the upcoming year, one of the shifts will focus on technology as a way of life in the workplace.

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