Employee Input for Performance Evaluations

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Employee Input for Performance Evaluations

Posted on October 8th, by Marnie Green in Management Articles. No Comments

As we enter the fourth quarter, you may be starting to think about writing annual employee performance evaluations for your employees.  Just remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Soliciting the employee’s feedback before you begin writing can provide you with helpful and specific input.

I am not a proponent of having the employee rate … Read More »

MPA: The Challenges of Obtaining Your Degree

Posted on August 16th, by Alena Dunham in education/training. No Comments

Many citizens in this country are advocates for change in their society and communities. Are you that person and that wants to grow your professional career by obtaining a degree in Public Administration? Whether you are an entry-level student with internship experience or a professional who seeks advancement in their careers, there are MPA programs … Read More »

Public-Private Partnerships: An Emergency Management Perspective

Posted on August 8th, by Valerie Martinelli in About the Public Sector. No Comments

When a disaster occurs, communities must be rebuilt and survivors require reasonable care and attention. In order for this to occur, adequate funding and staffing is necessary in order to meet or exceed the necessities of those involved. Individuals whom have been affected by a natural disaster are dependent upon local, state, and federal governments … Read More »

Working With An Elected or Appointed Council Board

Posted on March 11th, by Brent Ives in About the Public Sector. No Comments

In the public sector, like other sectors, many would like to aspire to the top level executive job at some point in their careers. This, of course, means that your skills, abilities and knowledge must be finely honed to a level that can be applied at the very top of the organization and effective for … Read More »

Local Government: Continued Erosion of Faith and Trust

Posted on March 11th, by Jonathan Sweet in About the Public Sector. 2 comments

The Effects of ‘Community Warming’ 

Local governments, public servants and their respective communities across the country are beginning to face the wrath of a phenomenon known as ‘Community Warming’.  This drastic change in community climate is a direct result of manmade environmental conditions that have led to the continued erosion of faith, confidence … Read More »

Strategy and Costing: The Core of Public Sector Labor Negotiations

Posted on January 20th, by Michael Falkow in Trends. No Comments

Among the many facets of public administration one can be immersed into, perhaps the most interesting (and at times nerve-racking) is that of public sector labor negotiations.

There are many great books, essays, and papers that discuss the broad field of negotiations and labor relations, and some even specialize in the public sector.  While most cover … Read More »

A Day in the Life of a City Clerk

Posted on December 16th, by Chasity Cooper in on the job. No Comments

A city clerk is one of the oldest public service positions, dating back to Ancient Greece. In the United States, the office of city clerk was one of the first to be established when early colonists set up local governments. Today, a city clerk is an elected or appointed senior official who is responsible for … Read More »

Public Service Career Spotlight: Nonprofit Management

Posted on November 17th, by Chasity Cooper in Career Advice, on the job. No Comments

A career in the nonprofit world is more than a job — it’s a mission and a calling. Nonprofit management is an exciting, dynamic career that offers an opportunity to pursue your passions, lead social change, and help make the world a better place. Whether it’s helping the homeless, raising funds to find a cure … Read More »

5 Tips for Improving Your Agency’s Teleworking Program

Posted on August 24th, by Logan Harper in Innovations, Social Media. No Comments

“Work is where we are, not what we do.” This is the core belief of the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), which maintains that workers who have more flexibility are more productive. The benefits of teleworking in the Federal Government have become so apparent that the Telework Enhancement Act of 2010 requires government agencies to … Read More »

How “Green Tape” Can Create an Effective Bureaucracy

Posted on August 24th, by Logan Harper in About the Public Sector, Trends. No Comments

Most people are familiar with the term “red tape.” This term is often associated with bureaucracy and carries negative connotations, referring to burdensome rules that make processes more complicated.

Leisha DeHart-Davis, a professor of public administration and government at the UNC School of Government, has researched the importance of bureaucracy and coined the term “green tape” … Read More »