Employee Owners or Employee Renters?

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Employee Owners or Employee Renters?

Posted on August 4th, by Marnie Green in Management Articles. No Comments

Employees are a lot like cars.  The amount of care, attention to detail, and feelings of permanency we project toward our cars is comparable to the way employees view the employer-employee relationship.  Consider this analogy.

Employee Renters  

When we rent a car, most of us don’t spend a lot of time caring for it, nurturing it, … Read More »

Working Your Strategic Plan

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Has your organization joined the many that are embarking on a strategic plan?  Public sector organizations are turning to strategic plans en masse with the hope of defining a better future.  Beautiful documents are being created to represent visions of a better state.  In a recent poll of public agencies, we found that nearly 80% … Read More »

What is Your Purpose?

Posted on August 3rd, by Brian Sooy in on the job. No Comments

Do you feel that you are doing work that matters?

As you lead your team or guide your department, do you ever ask yourself “Is it worth it?” Are we making a difference in the lives of the people that we serve? 

Every day when you arrive at the office, there is always a long to–do list. … Read More »

Mentoring with the Heart of a Host

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Being a protégé in a mentoring relationship can feel like having to give a speech before a large group.  Now, there are obviously exceptions to this.  I do a lot of keynotes and I can’t wait to hit that stage.  But, there is a lot of research that says people’s greatest fear is speaking before … Read More »

7 Roles of an Exceptional Team Leader

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Your department’s strategy is only as strong as the ability to execute at the frontline. You can have all the great plans, six sigma workouts, and brilliant positioning in the universe, but if the human beings doing the real work lack the competence, confidence, and creativity to pull it off, you’ll be muddling through.

The team … Read More »

Accountability Doesn’t Work

Posted on July 9th, by Marnie Green in Management Articles. No Comments

The outcry is loud and clear: public agencies must be held accountable!

It follows that if the agency is going to be held accountable, employees who make up the agency should be held accountable too. As a result, public sector leaders are considering accountability initiatives intended to improve the performance of public employees. And it won’t … Read More »

Focus on Employee Behaviors to Get Results

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We all have an “attitude” problem at times. You’ve probably even had employees who you’ve described as having a bad attitude.  However, focusing on the attitude of an employee while trying to influence his/her work performance is a bad idea.

No one wants to be labeled and no one wants to be judged.  When you think … Read More »

Avoid Inherited Performance Problems

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Have you ever received the “inheritance surprise?” No, not the one that comes after probate proceedings.  “Inheritance surprise” is the surprise you get you get a new employee and find their performance is not up to expectations.

Managers inherit employees in two ways:  when the supervisor is new to the work group or when the employee … Read More »

Write Like an Organizational Leader: 5 Simple Rules

Posted on May 10th, by Gabe Gabrielsen in Career Advice. No Comments

Every organization has managers and leaders.  Managers are needed to maintain the organization’s functions; leaders are necessary to transform an organization. Leaders differ from managers in five distinct areas: Writing Style, Dress, Work Habits, Speech Patterns and Commitment.  This article will focus on the ‘Writing Styles’ of organizational leaders.

Early in my career I was fortunate … Read More »

New Learning at a Higher Level

Posted on May 9th, by Stan Skipworth in education/training. No Comments

“Each of us are the Chief Executives of our learning.”  – Dr. Terrence Roberts

For each of us, the process and opportunities to advance come with some form of a requisite series of achievements.  These can be accomplishing advanced college degrees, new certifications, developing and completing complex projects—and more.

The challenge of course is … Read More »