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Danita Dyess started writing in 1992 when she landed a job at Creative Services, Inc., an advertising agency in Atlanta, Georgia. She worked with the director of communications and was introduced to the “Associated Press Stylebook.” She learned how to write proposals, press releases, correspondence and various documents for Fortune 500 companies in a fast-paced environment. In 1995, she started volunteering for two nonprofit organizations. As the English instructor for the Burma Students' Association, she edited term papers and theses for college students. She also co-wrote correspondence proposing conflict resolution in war-torn countries for professors. As the online course developer for the National Council for Support of Disability, she researched topics, interviewed experts and wrote online courses for a global audience. Improving the content led to increased enrollment. In 2010, her passion for writing resulted in working as a freelance writer. She has written thousands of articles, interviews, blog posts, career guides and online courses. Her byline has appeared in SZ Magazine, Houston Chronicle, etc. She is a ghostwriter for C-suite executives and her work has appeared on numerous career websites. She has served as a recruiter for various corporations. She is a volunteer writer for Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Project. She will earn her bachelor’s degrees in communications with a certificate in journalism and psychology from the University of Phoenix in 2016. Since 2011, she has been the careers examiner for Examiner.com. She is the founder of Align Career Strategies and specializes in writing about human resources and career development.

Website: http://www.examiner.com/careers-in-atlanta/danita-dyess

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Social Work: Start Your Career Here

Social Work: Start Your Career Here

In 1993, there were 111 accredited Master of Social Work (MSW) programs and 54 Doctor of Social Work (DSW) programs in the U.S. Today, most colleges and universities offer bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in social work.  Our nation has faced tough issues...
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