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Former Liverpool architect Liam Ryan was diagnosed with “one of the worst cases” of head and neck cancer ever seen at Aintree University Hospital in 2002. But with world-class medical expertise and the support of his friends and family, he managed to beat the illness – and now he’s written a book about it titled “Cancer 4 Me 5 (after extra time)”.

Website: http://liamryan5cancer4.com

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What Comes After Success and Wealth?

What Comes After Success and Wealth?

I really only told half a story in my Life: The End or Just the Beginning? . “Death” and “What do you think happens next” are located pretty close together in the human brain filing cabinet. You can’t really access one without accidentally opening up the other too. So...
Life: The End or Just the Beginning?

Life: The End or Just the Beginning?

Life.  Is it the end of just the beginning?  I went to a funeral yesterday. I have gone to a lot of funerals over the last 12 years of people who expected to be going to mine. It reminded me again of how we can all be so busy living, we forget about dying. We want to...
The Gift of Life

The Gift of Life

A variety of routes exist that will take you from anonymity to being noteworthy. Most will travel by way of exceptional achievements in business or politics or sport or entertainment. In my case, the route was a little different. It selected me, rather than I choose...
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