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Scott Lesnick is an international keynote speaker who is motivational, instructional, and educational in style. He presents powerful keynotes and interactive training sessions, webinars, and is author. Also, Scott earned his CSP- Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association. Only 12% of speakers worldwide have this designation! Scott is also a Certified Virtual Presenter.


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Politics, Religion and Pizza

Politics, Religion and Pizza

Today’s insight focuses on an important part of our fabric. It’s calling again and again and while we’re able to ignore it for a while; its power can overtake us in a moment of weakness. Sure, I’m talking pizza-hot or cold! But what’s my pizza got to do with this...
Engage Your Staff

Engage Your Staff

Statistics are everywhere if we choose to look. However, more than half of the companies seem to look the other way regarding employee engagement The cost is simple-retention goes down, employees leave for a “better fit and feeling” and you’re left with the arduous...
Ninja Leaders Accomplish More with Less

Ninja Leaders Accomplish More with Less

I’m used to going against the grain.  Always have. They guy who managed himself and others in a non-traditional manner was often questioned when it came to this method. Not so much though when it came to results. And, results matter. You make important decisions and...
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