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By the time coaching engagement is complete, the client gratitude consists of a now customary confession, “I had the answers & the capability within me all the time, thank you for bringing it out”. Coaching by Vandana Shah allow her clients to believe that they are powerful beyond measure. Award winner of “101 MOST FABULOUS COACHING LEADERS” BY World HRD Congress - year 2020 Nominated for “INDIA’S MOST INFLUENTIAL COACH” - Global Excellence Awards 2020 Vandana is an Executive Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and a catalyst to over 200 clients Professional Transformation Journey. She is PCC – Professional Certified Coach from ICF and holder of over 15 degrees and licenses. She has over 2,000 hours of coaching and 5k days of training experience. As a Coach, Vandana has been working with CEOs, Promoters, Leaders and Hi-Potentials in different geographies like India, Sri Lanka, USA, UK, Western Europe etc.. Vandana has been an exclusive speaker as career mentor on weekly show on #Fame, a digital media Television. She helps her clients improve performance and quality of life. She has helped number of people find peace, success, clarity, focus and growth. She has been fortunate to be exposed to 3-4 different International schools of coaching and expertise in ontological coaching. While coaching executives and corporate clients, she helps them on various issues like increasing productivity, Design Thinking, promoting new ideas, developing healthy communication, enhancing performance, improving interpersonal relations, resolving conflicts and much more.


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Roadmap for Tomorrow

Roadmap for Tomorrow

Planning is key to success, if you do not have a plan for your life then you will just end up falling into someone else’s plan and your life will not amount to much but mediocrity. What is the future of work in America in the new era of automation, digitization and artificial intelligence? Now is the time to Plan and Prepare self in times of change.

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