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Vandana, Founder of Chrrysallis, is a Global Awards winner ‘Business Leader of The Year – Executive Coach of The Year’ 2021 and more such recognitions. She is ICF licensed CEO and Leadership Coach, Writer & Speaker with PCC level accreditation and over 3000 coaching hours developing Leaders in Governments, Public and Private sector companies globally like USA, India, UK, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Europe, and others. She curates a newer version of an indispensable leader in her clients and enables them to achieve greater success.

Website: https://www.chrrysallis.com/

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Roadmap for Tomorrow

Roadmap for Tomorrow

Planning is key to success, if you do not have a plan for your life then you will just end up falling into someone else’s plan and your life will not amount to much but mediocrity. What is the future of work in America in the new era of automation, digitization and artificial intelligence? Now is the time to Plan and Prepare self in times of change.

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