Historically the process of recruiting government employees has enjoyed an embarrassment of riches.  Public service positions were coveted for their respectability, attractive wage and benefit packages, including generous pensions, civil service protections and employment stability.

These conditions often created an environment where simply posting a job announcement on the Human Resources bulletin board and encouraging existing employees to broadcast new opportunities to friends and family members produced a generous number of applicants.    Advertising difficult-to-fill positions in industry magazines further helped to target experienced public service candidates.  Advertisements placed in general circulation newspapers often resulted in Human Resource departments being inundated with applicants, many of whom were not always well suited for available jobs.

Human Resource departments are often understaffed and over tasked.  This can result in primary emphasis being placed on quickly filling line vacancies with able-bodied applicants to avoid service gaps at the expense of pursuing exceptional talent, high performance and overall suitability. Efforts to acquire the very best candidates are largely reserved for executive positions, often utilizing professional head hunters.

“Staff sourcing and talent acquisition are critically important to all aspects of governing from administration and planning to operations and service delivery”
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