The Constitution of Leadership

“Leadership is a word on everyone’s list said Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus….The young attack it and the old grow wistful for it. Parents have lost it and Police seek it.

Engage More to Increase Employee Performance

It seems like everybody has a different way they prefer to communicate be it via text, email, Facebook, or face-to-face. This challenge is not uncommon for many of us that work with or live with people from a variety of different generations.

Potential Unused Success

I recently was looking at the definitions of the word, “potential”, and I came across a very interesting definition. The word potential in one definition means, “Unused Success.”

Executive Presence: Why It’s an Essential Leadership Quality (and How to Develop It)

Imagine walking into a meeting where you’re going to deliver some tough news to your team. You expect pushback. You know you’ll have to come up with good answers to potentially tricky questions. You’re not exactly looking forward to it.

How to Make A Superior Candidate Experience

Frequently I will hear my clients complain about the same thing- when they send in a resume or application and never heard back from a potential employer. Ghosting is a phenomenon that has taken over hiring and recruiting. For those of you that are unclear, ghosting is the practice of ending a relationship by suddenly withdrawing from all means of communication without an explanation.

Servant Leadership For The Win

If leaders are able to reframe their role and responsibility as that of servant leaders, productivity will grow and engagement will grow.

3 Ways to Avoid Burnout

Employees often blame their bosses or work culture when they experience burnout, and for good reason. It’s the leader’s job to take care of the team. Yet, as an individual, you are responsible for your own mental and physical health. How can you take control and be proactive?

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My Two Hands and Ten Fingers

These days, I regularly find myself carrying out a review of each day. In a busy life, it appears to be a little mechanism that has evolved to help me keep some kind of check on progress, or otherwise. A daily instrument to help me impose some order on an often hectic schedule.

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Information Governance Insights: Records Compliance Can Cost You

There’s a lot of discussion around realizing value from an organization’s data. Business Intelligence is all the rage nowadays and everyone is busy building data warehouses and that is a good thing. However, if you are in a regulated industry, it is extremely important to be vigilant on your compliance program so that you do not inadvertently cost your organization serious money in terms of fines and sanctions.

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Working Well in Teams

Collaboration is a buzz word in today’s workplace. High schools, colleges, and universities are pushing curriculum geared towards group projects. After consulting local businesses who say students are not well prepared for team work, universities are encouraging their instructors to incorporate group projects as an integral part of program curriculum.

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From Interviewee to Employee

For many, with graduation quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about life after college. What is life like in the “real world?” While freshening up your cover letter and resume to suit each job you apply for is important, there are an additional few key components to keep in mind during the interview process and post-hire.

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A Greener Form of Human Resources

There are a great many industries in which individuals who have successfully completed a career track in one area will often seek and find a like opportunity in another line of work, often for a nearly-identical job. Here are just a few of the many examples we may be more familiar with

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