Hiring: Take Control

Hiring the wrong people costs too much. Here’s how to activate a recruiting process that will attract the right people to your talent bench?

No business can afford a bad... Read More »

Mindfulness: Understand Your Brain for Better Productivity

Have you read much lately on “Mindfulness”? Mindfulness has been around for a long time but often associated with meditation and quiet reflection time. Most people think of it... Read More »

Can Email Etiquette Affect Your Job Search?

Most of us use email so often now it’s like we were born doing it. I’ll admit when I chat to my friends over email I don’t always construct... Read More »

Government Office Space Can Attract Silicon Valley Talent

It’s that time.

Baby boomers are finally leaving their desks behind and signing up for AARP.

A lot of these Boomers worked for the US Government and everyone knows that “government... Read More »

Public-Private Partnerships: A Catalyst for Economic Development?

Most local governments have been struggling with cash-strapped budgets and forcibly cutting within agencies and programs. These tight budgets and cuts may lead to poor infrastructure, a decreased access... Read More »

Civic Engagement: It’s Time To Get Involved!

How many of us are fully engaged in our community? Do we simply see something wrong with our neighborhood and complain about it to our family or do we... Read More »

Journey to the End

When I was in college in Liverpool I was fortunate to befriend one of those people that are all too rare in the world. Everybody loved Peter Morgan. His... Read More »

Alma Mater: Your School Recognition & Your Career

As humans we are comfortable with the familiar. We like big brands and name drop with pride (consciously and subconsciously). Exclaiming, “I drive a Mercedes insured by Geico, with... Read More »

Cultural Paper Clip of Contract Management

Fact: There is a culture of contract management and acquisition within the federal government, state government and private contractor and vendor organizations, both domestic and international. But what is that... Read More »

Workplace Inspiration: Provide Your Team With It!

Does your organization have formalized performance standards in the form of KPI’s – key performance indicators? You may not call them KPI’s but it is likely that you have performance expectations defined... Read More »

Reach For The Stars, The Sky Is Not The Limit

We often refer to the sky being the limit. How claustrophobic says Rachel Wolchin of TheGoodVibe.co. A spacecraft landing on a meteorite shows how far to date the human... Read More »

Information Governance Insights

Information Governance has long been a major issue for governmental agencies, even before the Presidential Directive on Records Management of 2012.

Information Governance Insights will be series of articles intended... Read More »

When Your New Job Isn’t a Fit

After months of unemployment, it finally happened – you got a new job! You worked your butt off for this one, so you’ve decided to enjoy it… which unfortunately... Read More »

Cybersecurity: The 801 Pound Gorilla in the Room

I must admit, the title of this article was meant to catch your attention and require a second look. Whether or not the attempt was successful, the topic and... Read More »

Managing Government Employment Expectations

As a graduate student and self-professed “researcher,” I feel obligated to say first that I do not have personal empirical evidence regarding municipal human resources practices. However, I recently... Read More »

Federal Job Application Strategies

How do you apply for a federal job? Many people go straight to USAJOBS.gov and start searching for jobs they might like. They look at the Duties section of... Read More »

I Tried to Use a Job to Regain my Identity!

You may be wondering, “What the heck is she talking about?”

When I ventured back into to the workplace working for the federal government, I did not consider ALL THINGS!... Read More »

The Likability Factor

In almost every aspect of life, the term likeability is at the center of decision making. This idea holds true in political campaigns, speed dating, beauty contests, American Idol,... Read More »