Importance of Professional Growth Plans

For those who have utilized career centers at colleges, or for those who have read one of the many advice articles about planning one’s career, this process may seem familiar to a growth plan.

3 Excuses Good Managers Use to Avoid Giving Feedback

Managers avoiding feedback are like fish that avoid water. One of a manager’s main roles at a company is to provide employees with both negative and positive feedback when appropriate. Yet so many managers avoid giving feedback and will go to great lengths to avoid telling their employees how they are doing.

Does Emotional Reasoning Get in the Way of Your Career?

We all face that conundrum on occasions whether to listen to our head or to our heart when making decisions. Some of us lead with our heart and forget or ignore our head. Others start with their head and then pull on the heartstrings. Both are troublesome. So, what should you watch out for when making job and career decisions?

Six Reasons Why Your Project Manager is Frustrated

Your project’s off schedule and you’re frustrated. You’ve applied more heat to your Project Manager, but nothing has gotten any better. You’re scratching your head because normally this guy’s solid. If your project’s off course, despite your project manager’s best efforts, take a deeper look to see if in any of these factors are at play.

Internal Internships: A Winning Practice

If you’ve ever been part of a great internship program–on either side of the desk– you know that it can be a fantastic job preview–an extensive 2-way interview process. It’s an opportunity to try before you buy.

Recognition is the Best Way to Improve Employee Morale

More than ever before, organizations rely on their employees’ involvement, enthusiasm and commitment to be successful. The best customer service can only be achieved when employees bring their best selves to work each and every day. But how can leaders in an organization ensure that each employee does this?

What is Art?

In the movie, Mona Lisa Smile, Julia Roberts plays Katherine Ann Watson, a new faculty member at Wellesley College, teaching a course on the ‘History of Art’.  Sensing a significant energy and tension among the students, Watson arrives one day to present a specific...

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The Cycle of Life

I hugged my eldest son, Christy, two weeks ago, probably for the first time. He was about to disappear through the departure gates to board a flight to Dubai and begin a new chapter of his life with Emirate Airlines. Grown men don’t often embrace but we both knew this...

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A Side-By-Side Boss

In the CBS television show, Undercover Boss, senior leaders in these companies learn about the work lives that their employees experience, although in an unusual and perhaps somewhat directed, way. But the concept is solid. In the high performance, values-aligned...

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