Exclusive HR Predictions for The New Year

The end of the year is always the perfect time to consider trends and predictions for the New Year. As the Human Resource Management sector is on track to reach $30 billion by 2025, we will continue to see new innovations and solutions take hold in 2019. But how will these innovations affect job seekers? Let’s look at some of the predictions and what some of the trends for job seekers in 2019 will be.

The Biggest Reason People Hate Meetings

People don’t hate meetings. They hate bad meetings. And there’s a long list of reasons why so many meetings are bad: there’s no decision to be made (it should have been an email; there’s no agenda and the meeting goes in circles; no one clarifies the action items and nothing gets done; you invited the wrong people and everyone’s multi-tasking; the list goes on an on.

Renewal and Transformation

Every December brings with it a certain amount of joy, exuberance, and happiness. Every New Year brings with it a renewed sense of optimism, hopefulness and most likely a heightened sense of prosperity for the year ahead.

Retaining Leadership Humility: Being a Good Leader Doesn’t Require Being a Bad Person

The bottom line as a leader is that you need to make time to get up from your desk, leave your hubris in your office, do a walkabout and talk to your people.

How Asking Questions Can Help Your Career

Early in my career, I was an advisor to cabinet officers in two White House administrations. I then worked for several members of the U.S. Senate. Although this was my only experience in government work, it gave me a good taste for career management. After all, in those posts, I was a political appointee with virtually zero job security beyond my own competence. On any given day I could have been fired for wearing the wrong tie to work.

Body Language Tips for Phone Interviews

Mindless body language habits can sabotage you in any interview, even if it’s over the phone. Let your body be your ally. With intention (and a little practice wouldn’t hurt, either), you can use body language to your advantage even when no one is looking.

Management is Everything

Management is Everything JEFFREY MORGAN President of e-volve IT Services.  Jeffrey has been providing independent consulting services to County and Municipal agencies since 1993. With 24 years of consulting for county and municipal government under my belt, the hiring...

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Should We Grab Coffee Sometime?

Should We Grab Coffee Sometime? BETH BEUTLER Beth Beutler is the founder and executive director of HOPE Unlimited. “Let’s grab coffee sometime.”  Should We? “We should grab coffee.” How do you respond when someone suggests that? Do you add the coffee appointment to...

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Police Retirement: Set a Date

Police Retirement: Set a Date JOHN ELDRIDGE   Author of award-winning book Second Careers for Street Cops. Just do it. Pick a date when you’re going to retire from policing. Now look, you don’t have to panic about the date. It’s not like you’re leaving tomorrow. Just...

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Dress for Success Leads to Success

Dressing for Success Leads to Success The popular phrase, “dress for success,” is especially applicable for those striving for a career in government. Looking professional goes beyond the clothes you wear, it shows dedication and respect for both your career and those...

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A Very Special Flock

Many years ago, my wife and I moved into a new community.  On the very day we were unloading our household items our new neighbors came over to introduce themselves.  Our visitors included a wonderful family, Scott and Mary and their children, just two houses...

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Football and Faith

Careers in Government likes when this article has a link to the month in which it is published. Valentine’s Day was suggested as a possible thread with which to weave but I have opted for a February event a little less obvious, but perhaps even more loved! An event...

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