Why You Need to Know How To Unlock Your Value Proposition

One of the most important facets of coaching women is ensuring that they understand their true value. It can be very hard for women to acknowledge how to sell their skills, abilities, and achievements because we have been conditioned to not to be aggressive or risk being viewed as unlikeable. However, identifying your own skills and special qualities isn’t always the easiest task either.

The End of Days: Leaving Your Job

“And did you get what you wanted out of life, even so?”

This wonderful quote used in the ‘2016 Commencement Speech’ at Harvard Graduate School of Education, is poetic, poignant and prophetic. Derived from a poem by Raymond Carver, it captures our imagination, in particular as it is one the major questions in life that we all must answer, according to Professor James Ryan, Dean of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Scoring Goals Toward the Measure of Success

Watching the NHL Stanley Cup finals, I am marveling at the success of the first-year expansion team, the Vegas Golden Knights. But I probably shouldn’t be.

How to Gain Insight and Aha-Moments in Four Simple Steps

Everyone has those moments when you suddenly ‘get it.’ That light-bulb that goes off when you least expect it to prove you gained inspiration or a solution to something. It’s an exciting feeling when it comes at just the right moment, almost like magic!

How To Nail The Toughest Interview Question

First impressions count! In fact, one study shows that interviewers make a determination about hiring a candidate (or not) in the first ninety seconds of the discussion. If you consider this during your next interview, you’ll realize how important the first question is to landing the job!

Great Teams Know Their Pulse

I’m a firm believer that great teams know their pulse. What do I mean by pulse? At any given moment, a great team can look around and think, “This is a great culture. I know it because of how I’m living out the culture based on clearly defined values and expectations.”

The Juggler as Leader

As a small child, I was impressed by those who could effortlessly toss several objects into the air and continue their co-existent flight for elongated periods of time.  I marveled in particular those especially talented people who could do this with a wide variety of...

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LIFE – A Simple Complexity

I am quite enjoying being in my fifties. The stage of your life when all of the elements, if not quite come together, get as close are they are probably going to. It is the brow of the hill of life. You are old enough to look back and be reflective and wise, but still...

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