The Constitution of Leadership

“Leadership is a word on everyone’s list said Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus….The young attack it and the old grow wistful for it. Parents have lost it and Police seek it.

Engage More to Increase Employee Performance

It seems like everybody has a different way they prefer to communicate be it via text, email, Facebook, or face-to-face. This challenge is not uncommon for many of us that work with or live with people from a variety of different generations.

Potential Unused Success

I recently was looking at the definitions of the word, “potential”, and I came across a very interesting definition. The word potential in one definition means, “Unused Success.”

Executive Presence: Why It’s an Essential Leadership Quality (and How to Develop It)

Imagine walking into a meeting where you’re going to deliver some tough news to your team. You expect pushback. You know you’ll have to come up with good answers to potentially tricky questions. You’re not exactly looking forward to it.

How to Make A Superior Candidate Experience

Frequently I will hear my clients complain about the same thing- when they send in a resume or application and never heard back from a potential employer. Ghosting is a phenomenon that has taken over hiring and recruiting. For those of you that are unclear, ghosting is the practice of ending a relationship by suddenly withdrawing from all means of communication without an explanation.

Servant Leadership For The Win

If leaders are able to reframe their role and responsibility as that of servant leaders, productivity will grow and engagement will grow.

Great Leaders Ask Questions

Excerpted from “Great Leaders ASK Questions – A Fortune 100 List” “Leadership is not as much about knowing the right answers, as it is about knowing the right questions.” Are you familiar with T.A.? You are probably familiar with A.A. – Alcoholics Anonymous. Well,...

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Coffee Shop Productivity Tips

The smell of fresh grounds. The presence of other people quietly conversing or tapping at their laptops. The stimulating energy of a common gathering place. Coffee. What’s not to like about settling in to do some work at a coffee shop? Many people take advantage of a...

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A New Year, but My Life Gets Older

I went to a funeral last week. It was a sobering start to a new year. He was a young man, 53, leaving a wife and two young children behind him. I hadn’t met him, but his brother is a good friend of mine. There is something about funerals. They seem to be able to blow...

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Significant Service

Do you work in a productive, inspiring workplace? Or is your organization’s culture primarily frustrating and dull? Tiny HR’s  2015 Engagement and Culture Report revealed that only 31 percent of employees feel strongly valued at work. While that is better than the 21%...

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