4 Assumptions That Derail Decision-Making

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The Necessity of Fear in Your Career

The best motivator for excellence is fear. When you are fearful this is an indication that you are embarking on something new. The absence of fear is the absence... Read More »

Downsizing Government: 2016 Realities  

Government employees often cite job security, together with generous retirement and fringe benefit packages, as factors which initially attracted them to their jobs and serve as a powerful retention... Read More »

Do Be Prepared for Your Job Interview

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Women in the Workplace: Subjects of Unconscious Bias

As I have been writing for a few months, inequality takes many forms and manifests in numerous manners. As women, we have been targets for many things all of... Read More »

Information Governance Insights: Trust But Verify

Well, time marches on and your Information Governance program is humming along like the well-oiled machine that it is! You know this because things are getting filed, requests come... Read More »

The Right Bosses Inspire. The Wrong Bosses Depress.

Want a great team culture, where leaders and staff exceed performance expectations while living your organization’s desired values?  Put the right bosses in place. Then observe, coach, and praise their aligned... Read More »

Communication in Our Changing Political Landscape

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Changing Careers? 5 Reasons to Create Headspace

Creating headspace when changing jobs and careers is a healthy practice and a rewarding investment of your time. Why is this so, what does it look like and how... Read More »

No Man Rides Alone

As a U.S. Army veteran and retired Captain from the Roseville, California Police Department I have seen and experienced the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS).  I spent 30 years... Read More »

The History of Public Health Care and Lillian Wald

March 10 celebrates the birth of an extraordinary woman: Lillian Wald.  Wald was born into a middle-class New York family in 1867 and became a nurse at the age... Read More »

Put Your Priorities in the Right Order

People often ask me how my attitude to life has changed on both sides of my cancer ordeal. Sometimes, rather than embark on a detailed explanation, I just tell... Read More »

Is Your Cover Letter Sabotaging Your Job Search?

By Marcia Powers Contributor, Career Services

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Push Beyond the Comfort Zone

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8 Ways You Can Gain Respect in the Office

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The Adaptation of Metrics: From Baseball to the Badge

In the Fall of 2003, I happened upon a book about one of my favorite subjects—baseball—and by the time I had completed reading Moneyball, I had found a way... Read More »

Interview Tips for a Public Utilities Career: Part 2

This is a continuation of our earlier article “Interview Tips for a Career in Public Utilities”.

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Government Security & Information Assurance Training

Advanced technology has brought incredible progress to society, but it’s not without its faults. Chief among them is faulty information security, which breeds identity theft, viruses, malware and hacking,... Read More »