Expert Advice to Ensure a Superior Interview Process

I was speaking with a client, which led to an interesting discussion about illegal hiring questions and topics. As a Career Coach, I think about this from candidate’s perspective but as an HR Consultant, I also consider it from an organizational viewpoint as well. So, what are some of the illegal topics?

Customer Service Excellence

As the domestic United States’ economy becomes increasingly focused on service industries away from manufacturing, local governments will continue to be compared to for-profit businesses and the way they treat customers.

The Postage Stamp & How to Finally Overcome Fear

Consider the postage stamp. It travels to far and distant lands. It leaves its family (the rest of the book of stamps it was plucked from) and it never sees them again. I’m sure that is fearful for the stamp, but it knows that it has a job to do. It stares fear in the face and forges on. If the postage stamp can do it, you can too.

Information Governance Insights: Out with the Old and in with the New

If there is one constant in life it’s that change is inevitable. This axiom is painfully obvious when dealing with technology. There is not a week that goes by where our phones do not have a multitude of updates.

The Boss Who Has Your Back

She smiled for the first time that day. It was the start to a beautiful mentoring relationship. She
always had my back after that day. I learned a valuable lesson on leadership in that awful,
horrible day. The VP who initially had her back firmly against the wall in a defensive posture
took the time to think things through and took a risk on a naïve, but passionate kid. It made all
the difference for me.

Do You Know Your Value? Why Self-Belief Matters

One of the factors for job and career success is the value you add. Sometimes you can quantify it, like exceeding targets or the increase in dollars from implementing a creative idea. Other times it’s more intangible, like how you make people feel and the support you give as a valued colleague.

Service is Not a Dilemma

Each of us within our professional roles have a fundamental responsibility to support our organization to the extent that we must also support our colleagues and peers if we are truly dedicated to the greater success of the company. But, when exactly does that...

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New Learning at a Higher Level

“Each of us are the Chief Executives of our learning.”  - Dr. Terrence Roberts For each of us, the process and opportunities to advance come with some form of a requisite series of achievements.  These can be accomplishing advanced college degrees, new certifications,...

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Illumine Your Employees

It was a few days before Halloween and the big fat jack-o-lantern had been perfectly sculptured for its final resting place on the front porch.  My three granddaughters were finally old enough to be trusted with a dull paring knife to assist in the sculpting.  All the...

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Working for USAID

A master’s degree in international relations provides the foundational knowledge and professional skills you will need for a career in the field—which may include a service career in the government and nonprofit sectors. Students in these programs gain an in-depth...

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5 Tips for GRE Preparation

It’s definitely not the SAT. As the portal for entry into most graduate programs, the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is another academic animal altogether—and something you’d better be sure you’ve prepared for before you pull up that first question. As Neil Seltzer, the...

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Putting the Meat in Team

There is a growing trend in the private firms of staff development which has shown signs of success.  The lunch meeting with a potential new team member to see how the person interacts with potentially new coworkers has been on the rise.  The theory behind the concept...

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Hiring for Cultural Fit

They just didn’t work out. The hardest part of selecting a new hire is figuring whether or not they will fit into your organization. A strong resume and skill set are impressive but most hiring managers would agree that long-term employee success depends on whether a...

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