Passion Need Not Apply

When providing an informational interview for a young professional recently I repeatedly heard her describe her “passion” to do this and her “passion” for that. What I did not... Read More »

Information Governance Insights: It’s All About the Metrics

Organizations run on metrics. In the previous article we discussed measuring your Information Governance program against the ARMA International Generally Accepted Records Keeping Principles® using their NextLevel™ assessment tool.... Read More »

Start Your Career in IT: Is The “What” More Important Than The “Who”?

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Red Flags at your Resume Critique

When you use the services of a career counselor, one of the first steps in your career plan will be developing your resume. Career counselors and resume writers can... Read More »

7 Things an Employer Must See in Your Resume

Yet another application submitted – and yet another rejection, followed by more disappointment.

And not because of typos or resume formatting issues; not due to a lack of experience or... Read More »

Be More Than The Office Mom

Every year on the second Sunday in May we honor a very important group of people: mothers. Of course there are the traditional mothers and then there are the... Read More »

Government Careers in Agriculture & Natural Resources

It’s hard to imagine that there are many other fields where the employment outlook so favors the job seeker: There will be nearly 58,000 agriculture-related job openings annually over... Read More »

The 5 Worst Career Tips

Here’s the thing about advice – whether you’re talking about business ventures or personal relationships – it’s completely malleable to the situation you’re in. So while I’m writing about... Read More »

3 Ways to Build Employee Engagement

You probably know that employee engagement is one of those proven, critical factors for supporting an organization’s immediate and long-term health. But according to a recent Gallup poll of... Read More »

Government Funded Resources for Your Education

If a career in local government is your target, acquiring the necessary education is essential. The biggest obstacle? It can be summed up in one word: money.

Yes, money may... Read More »

Be Inspired: What Would You Do With 3 Months to live?

13 years ago I was given 3 months to live. It appeared to be absolute. I had just been diagnosed with one of the worst cases of Head &... Read More »

Military to Civilian Transition: Social Networking Tools

Transitioning from military to civilian life is overwhelming in every aspect. As a former military spouse, I witnessed the struggle my husband faced, which also affected our transition as... Read More »

Effective Government Communicators

A government of the people, by the people, for the people, cannot exist without effective communications on behalf of and about government. Without communication, citizens would not know how... Read More »

Calling All Veterans: Your County Wants You!

San Diego County’s commitment to the local veterans community, one of the largest in the nation, continues to grow. Recognizing the opportunity to capture the talents and resources of... Read More »

Take on that Leadership Role With This 90-Day Plan

A friend recently accepted a senior leadership position in an established organization. She asked for my suggestions on how to “put her best foot forward” in her new job.

Anytime... Read More »

Public Policy: Evaluating Climate Change into Risk Assessments

Public-private partnerships are quickly garnering an increasing amount of attention for public policy requirements, including water/wastewater, energy, economic development, and transportation projects. P3s require an exceptional amount of planning,... Read More »

Your Interview: Don’t Waste Time Waiting

When you are sitting in that waiting room, waiting for your interview to start, it’s easy to just spend that time checking your email, fiddling with your tie, or... Read More »

Recruiting Millennials in Local Government

Gone are the days that local governments can attract top talent based only on the notion of job security.  Furthermore, local governments across the country have been forced to... Read More »