My Two Hands and Ten Fingers

These days, I regularly find myself carrying out a review of each day. In a busy life, it appears to be a little mechanism that has evolved to help me keep some kind of check on progress, or otherwise. A daily instrument to help me impose some order on an often hectic schedule.

Information Governance Insights: Records Compliance Can Cost You

There’s a lot of discussion around realizing value from an organization’s data. Business Intelligence is all the rage nowadays and everyone is busy building data warehouses and that is a good thing. However, if you are in a regulated industry, it is extremely important to be vigilant on your compliance program so that you do not inadvertently cost your organization serious money in terms of fines and sanctions.

Working Well in Teams

Collaboration is a buzz word in today’s workplace. High schools, colleges, and universities are pushing curriculum geared towards group projects. After consulting local businesses who say students are not well prepared for team work, universities are encouraging their instructors to incorporate group projects as an integral part of program curriculum.

How to Transition from Job Surviving to Work Thriving

Increasingly, work-life balance is becoming an unattainable goal. The online and offline worlds are changing our ways of living and working with a whole life approach a more realistic aim than balance. It presents an opportunity to move from job surviving to work thriving. How can you spot the difference and make it happen?

These Three Questions Will Make Anyone a Better Coach

I’m a psychologist by training. I was trained to be the expert and provide advice to my patients. I’m also a professional trainer, which means I usually bring a predetermined set of learning goals and desired outcomes. Both of these relationships are quite different from coaching.

Honoring the Past: Creating a Future (Maintaining Self in the Role)

Each year on April 25, the countries of Australia and New Zealand hold a public holiday to commemorate ANZAC Day. The day remembers the day that the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landed on the shores of Gallipoli (modern day Turkey) in 1915.

Succession Planning From 5,000 Feet

A key question to ask related to succession planning is, why are you doing it? Another question might be, what do you want the successors to be prepared to do? These two questions fit well together and if they are both not answered with the best thinking you can muster, your succession planning effort could be just checking another box in your organizational life.

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Stanislaus County Offering Exciting Incentives to Nurses

Stanislaus County is a remarkable community that features fantastic educational opportunities to help you grow, flexible work schedules that help you maintain a comfortable work/home balance, a wide range of entertainment choices when you’re ready for a little rest and relaxation, and versatile health services outlets that enable you to pursue the career of your dreams while making a real difference in the lives of people from all walks of life.

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