Leadership: Rapture or Rupture?

Thankfully, there are a few things a leader can do to create moments of rapture rather than rupture.

New Year, New Salary Increase: Are You Ready to Negotiate Yours?

Negotiation is an invaluable career and communication skill. Once you learn how to negotiate for a salary once, you can do it over and over again.

Creating a Humanitarian Career Track for Yourself in the Public Sector

You may feel it is more of a priority to pursue a career that has a meaningful humanitarian impact on the lives of those in greatest need.

4 Ways Local Governments Can Use Technology to Better Serve Their Citizens

Nationwide, cities, counties, and municipalities solve problems, deliver essential services and improve policies to benefit residents.

2022 Data trends and the Government-Private Cooperation Pipeline

What is the role of government in society? Should it regulate everything, should it leave the private sector alone, or should a mixed model be adopted?

Remote Digital Marketing Careers: The New World of Working Globally

One of the industries that has been working remotely for some time (and thriving) is the digital marketing industry.

The Encore Career

The Encore Career

Aging baby boomers, coupled with early retirement incentives designed to reduce salary loads, are swelling the ranks of retired public service professionals.  Despite this crop of 60’s era retirees’ declaration that they would not toil into their advanced years like...

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