6 Tips to Organize Your Job Search

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Why Resume Screening Isn’t Effective

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Start Your Career in IT: A Progressive Strategy

Part 4: A Progressive Career in IT

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They Still Use Resumes?

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Career Advancement Strategy: Write and Talk—A Lot

By Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth, Program Director, Government Contracts and Acquisition at American Public University

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Military Strong: 239 Years and Counting

It’s a well-known fact that “freedom is not free,” but do we give sufficient thanks for the very freedom that permits us to live peacefully where we choose, with... Read More »

Dog Brain = Minimal Think

“Dog Brain,” or as it was originally presented to me, “Lizard Brain” is acting with minimal thinking.  I switch the name lizard brain to dog brain not as an... Read More »

How Nonprofit Organizations Benefit Local Government

Nonprofits are vital institutions and can have profound effects on individuals, communities, and governments. These organizations can be attributed with improving our economic conditions, working with government leaders, and... Read More »

Challenges Confronting a Public Sector CIO

In “Team of Teams:  New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World,” General Stanley McChrystal explores the challenges he experienced while commanding the Joint Special Operations Task Force in... Read More »

The Importance of Leading with Questions

One key attribute that makes leaders successful is having a point of view. You are being paid to be a great thinker and make decisions. However, many make the faulty... Read More »

Manage by Modeling and Not by Announcements

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6 Signs You Are About to Be Fired

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Your Interview: 10 Best Questions to Ask

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Change Your Mind to Change Your Career

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Your Guide to Cubicle Etiquette

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The Shale Boom and You

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Tea, Tax and a Revolution

We recently celebrated the 4th of July and I couldn’t help but think back to my years in local government where I learned Americans disliked paying taxes – any... Read More »