Women in the Workplace: The Benefits of Mentorship

Women are in need of mentors in order to gain the proper skills, learn how to build a wide network, access to role models, acceptance and affirmation, and ultimate... Read More »

Networking: Beyond the Job Application

Ann Eastham, Career Coach

When you’re a job seeker, the biggest frustration is by far the process of applying for jobs online and never knowing if your application is even... Read More »

A Tribute to a Great, Ordinary Man

Jack Quigley was an ordinary man. A lovely ordinary man. Sometimes we forget that the word ”extraordinary” is primarily composed of the word “ordinary”.

Before I left for my surgery... Read More »

9 Strategies for Increasing Your Listening Power

I have often been accused of not listening very well. I know that sometimes I just become preoccupied and so I fake it, hoping that the other person won’t... Read More »

A Serving Leader’s Ego

The following is excerpted from their book, The Serving Leader. In this excerpt, Mike, who has been called to help his dying father’s leadership project, goes to visit a... Read More »

4 Tips on How to Manage a Micro Manager

“Have you done the job?”, “Let me know the updates after every 15 minutes”, “Why don’t you skip your lunch and take up more work?”

Are you tired of listening... Read More »

How to Win over Your Boss!

Is your boss always staring at you, making those un-happy faces when passing by? If that really upsets you and you want to nail it right, just take a... Read More »

5 Ways to Stop Wasting Time on Conference Calls

Perhaps you’ve been on one of these soul-sucking calls. There are lots of updates, most of which don’t require any action on your part. It would be politically incorrect... Read More »

4 Assumptions That Derail Decision-Making

Leaders face tough decisions every day. Great leaders make decisions every day. But how when there is scientific proof that the brain actually shuts down when faced with tough... Read More »

The Necessity of Fear in Your Career

The best motivator for excellence is fear. When you are fearful this is an indication that you are embarking on something new. The absence of fear is the absence... Read More »

Downsizing Government: 2016 Realities  

Government employees often cite job security, together with generous retirement and fringe benefit packages, as factors which initially attracted them to their jobs and serve as a powerful retention... Read More »

Do Be Prepared for Your Job Interview

An abundance of articles have been written on job interview do’s (do be on time, do maintain eye contact) and don’ts (don’t chew gum, don’t criticize former supervisors).  However,... Read More »

Women in the Workplace: Subjects of Unconscious Bias

As I have been writing for a few months, inequality takes many forms and manifests in numerous manners. As women, we have been targets for many things all of... Read More »

Information Governance Insights: Trust But Verify

Well, time marches on and your Information Governance program is humming along like the well-oiled machine that it is! You know this because things are getting filed, requests come... Read More »

The Right Bosses Inspire. The Wrong Bosses Depress.

Want a great team culture, where leaders and staff exceed performance expectations while living your organization’s desired values?  Put the right bosses in place. Then observe, coach, and praise their aligned... Read More »

Communication in Our Changing Political Landscape

If you have not paid attention recently, there have been presidential primary elections and caucuses held across the country with more to come.  About half of the states have... Read More »

Changing Careers? 5 Reasons to Create Headspace

Creating headspace when changing jobs and careers is a healthy practice and a rewarding investment of your time. Why is this so, what does it look like and how... Read More »

No Man Rides Alone

As a U.S. Army veteran and retired Captain from the Roseville, California Police Department I have seen and experienced the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress (PTS).  I spent 30 years... Read More »