Bilingual, Basic or Fluent: What Are the Differences?

By Jaymie Pompeo, Career Coach

Growing up, my entire family instilled the value of a second language. My parents are native speakers and placed heavy emphasis on using Spanish at home... Read More »

The Courage to Be Curious

Leaders being asked to do more with less resources sometimes default to a “just get it done” attitude when tackling daily tasks. As a leadership tool, the willingness to... Read More »

Benefits of Behavioral Logic Trees

While reading Phi Kappa Phi’s patterns themed Winter 2015 Forum, I thought about patterns of my own life.  Specifically, I thought about how I develop patterns around my neophobia... Read More »

Do Governments Need Economic Development?

There are some who argue government has no business getting involved with economic development.  They believe economic development is not a government function. Conversely, there are others who maintain... Read More »

5 Reasons Why the Public Sector Needs Marketing

Marketing  + public sector = success does not seem like a common equation. Marketing  is the actions (sales, public relations, pricing, packaging and distribution) taken to place your product... Read More »

Being Fashionably Late in the Workplace

By Jacquelyn Brookins Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist 

Contrary to the title of this blog, I will not be providing reasons why showing up late to a meeting is acceptable in any... Read More »

Finding Passion in Your Government Career

Working for the government has its benefits: Stable work, decent healthcare, and most importantly – interesting missions.

But…what if you hate it? Or, you are bored and want a change,... Read More »

You Have Chosen Your Current Income

What if you were told you are earning today exactly the amount you have chosen to earn, no more and no less; that you are where you are financially... Read More »

Climb Your Mountain

I have always liked the analogy of a mountain, for life.

Mountains are great things. They are unique. They are serene and solemn and strong. They are spectacular, both from... Read More »

Women’s Leadership: Challenging Our Social Norms

Women are equally qualified for leadership positions as their male counterparts, however, less of us continue to fill political and corporate leadership positions. Most Americans find women indistinguishable from... Read More »

Of Bridges and Connections

Life can often be described as a set of imperfect parts that occasionally come together in a perfect opportunity.  In many cases, those opportunities are natural, uninfluenced and easily... Read More »

Boost Your Career with 7 Personal Powers

What personal powers do you have at your fingertips? What have you got going for you because of who you are, your natural tendencies, your experience and what you’ve... Read More »

Team Culture: Bring on the Change

The demands on federal, state, and municipal offices continue to grow. Citizens want products and services from those offices delivered efficiently. They also expect high quality customer service from... Read More »

Informational Interview Tips

Informational interviews are a great way to network, meet professionals in your field and gain advice about moving forward in your career.  Informational interviews take of the pressure of... Read More »

Information Governance Insights: The Exceptions

It is a constant in life that, no matter how perfect, there is always an exception to every rule. This is true in your Information Governance program as well.We... Read More »

Employee Retention: 5 Tips

Employee retention is critical to every business – including “high turnover” industries like childcare, automotive, retail, and more. Research shows that replacing an employee can cost up to 20... Read More »

Government Leadership Needs More Women

Back in 1981, just 13 percent of chief administrative officers in government were women. Since then, that number hasn’t budged.

It’s staggering to see what little progress has occurred in... Read More »

Don’t Fear YouTube!

YouTube can be a very frightening place.  Whether you’re a YouTuber user or you’re setting up a channel, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can end up... Read More »