A Pre-Formatted Resume Template: 4 Reasons to be Cautious

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If you dislike the task of creating a resume from scratch, there’s a good chance that you’ve either used a pre-formatted resume template, or you’ve contemplated it. Resume templates are both easy to find and easy to use. Many word processing programs and online websites offer free resume templates, where the document has already been … Read More »

Career Advancement Strategy: Write and Talk—A Lot

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By Dr. Oliver Hedgepeth, Program Director, Government Contracts and Acquisition at American Public University

After working for the U.S. government for four years right out of college, I landed a new job with the Department of Defense (DOD). I was a GS-12 and on my way to making a good living for my family. But, I did … Read More »

Military Strong: 239 Years and Counting

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It’s a well-known fact that “freedom is not free,” but do we give sufficient thanks for the very freedom that permits us to live peacefully where we choose, with our families, and without fear? How many of us think about the expense of our freedom, and how many simply take our freedom for granted? How … Read More »

Dog Brain = Minimal Think

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“Dog Brain,” or as it was originally presented to me, “Lizard Brain” is acting with minimal thinking.  I switch the name lizard brain to dog brain not as an insult or infringement to the instructor who uses it in his class, but rather to help clarify and solidify the concept with more commonly understood imagery.  … Read More »