Why Are You The Best Person For The Job?

Posted on March 12th, by Stacy Miller in networking/interviewing. No Comments

What did you answer the last time a hiring manager asked you why you were the best person for the job during an interview?  A lot of us can look back over our job searches and remember times we fumbled with this common interview question.  After all, “best” is a pretty subjective definition, and odds … Read More »

Why We Need More Women in Government

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Government officials are the representatives of the people, whether they are working at the local, state or even federal level. The problem with the government is that men significantly outnumber women as representatives. The United States has a very low rate of representation by women, and it is time to make changes so that more … Read More »

Performance Management: A Leadership Perspective

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Recently, I have been challenged to understand the relationship between leadership and performance management.    This relationship is important to understand because performance metrics are found everywhere.   You can’t escape them.   From test scores, to quotas, to yearly reviews, performance indicators are relied upon to assess your contribution to your organization.  You are compared, ranked and … Read More »

Fire Service Resume: Is It Good Enough to Get a Job? Part 2

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Welcome back!  Are you ready for the second installment of “Your Resume, Is It Good Enough To Get You A Job”?  In part one of this series we identified the major topic headings of your resume.

To recap, they are:  Professional Experience, Education, Certifications and Qualifications and Community Involvement / Special Related Interests.  You can use … Read More »