Focus on Employee Behaviors to Get Results

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We all have an “attitude” problem at times. You’ve probably even had employees who you’ve described as having a bad attitude.  However, focusing on the attitude of an employee while trying to influence his/her work performance is a bad idea.

No one wants to be labeled and no one wants to be judged.  When you think … Read More »

Avoid Inherited Performance Problems

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Have you ever received the “inheritance surprise?” No, not the one that comes after probate proceedings.  “Inheritance surprise” is the surprise you get you get a new employee and find their performance is not up to expectations.

Managers inherit employees in two ways:  when the supervisor is new to the work group or when the employee … Read More »

The Best time to look for a new Job

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Most of us tend to begin the search for a new job when we’re either retrenched, about to graduate, have just been passed up for a promotion or absolutely can’t stand our boss anymore. You typically want a job immediately if any of these things have happened to you; however the best time to look … Read More »

Dress Like an Organizational Leader

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This is the second article of a five part series. The first article focused on ‘Writing Styles’ of organizational leaders; this will article ponder the Dress and Appearance of the men and women who actually lead and transform organizations.

As stated in article one, I had a fantastic opportunity, early in my career, to work with … Read More »