Veterans in the Workplace: Transitioning From Military to Civilian

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It is a tough shift for some to segue from an enlisted or commissioned member of the military to a civilian. What is lost in the transition process is how valuable a Veteran is! What would make that individual marketable in the work place you ask? Let me paint you a picture of the average … Read More »

Basic Training for Job Seekers: 2014 Style

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“What’s the one thing I need to do to stand out among so many applicants?”

That is the question – after speaking engagements, webinars and Twitter chats – that I get most often from young careerists.

Beyond the first-handshake meeting, I rarely know the passions, major, career goals of the person asking the question, so I usually … Read More »

Public Speaking Tips For Your Public Sector Job

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For many of us, public speaking is something we dread (think of the little boy with glossophobia in the Google commercial). Statistics estimate that 75% of the population has a fear of public speaking. But public speaking is a fact of life and an important skill to master. In government, it is often the way … Read More »

Hill Internships for International Relations Students

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If you’re an international relations (IR) student looking for ways to jumpstart your career, ask yourself how much real-world experience you have. Many IR-related positions, including Federal Service Officers, press secretaries, and social research officers, require candidates to have prior experience in a similar field. Internships allow you to gain experience and skills outside the … Read More »