Common Cover Letter Mistakes

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Many job seekers spend time on perfecting their resumes, but when it comes time for the cover letter, quickly write a couple paragraphs and send it out to every employer. If you’re serious about getting a job, a hiring manager won’t consider you without a polished, professional cover letter as well. Here are a few … Read More »

The Politics of Leadership

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One of the marvelous byproducts individuals acquire in their developmental process as a leader is the concurrent growth of the ability to navigate the politics and multiple interests in any number of environments.

This isn’t to simply state that leaders become ‘more political’; in fact, it might be argued that the always-advancing leader actually becomes less … Read More »

Understanding Your Brain Results in Better Collaboration

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It happened again…my dog hunted and “captured” a rabbit in our backyard! I have a Basenji, which is a breed from Africa who has hunting instincts, especially rodents. Those hunting instincts are strong and she just can’t help herself.

Just as animals have those natural instincts, so do we humans. Our brains are wired for social interaction.

Dr. David Rock is … Read More »

Is Your Company Happy Hour the Key to Success?

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You may be thinking to yourself, why would after work happy hour be such an important event to attend? While you may have originally believed it to be vital because of the free drink tickets or the tasty appetizers, the real benefit lies in your future success at your job.

Regardless of if you work in … Read More »