Interview Tips for a Career in IT

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This month, I have some VERY EXCITING news to share with you. First, the success of the series Start Your Career In IT has resulted in a newly published E-Book that provides more in-depth information on the topics covered will be available on Oct. 1 of this year.  Second, an entire chapter on interviewing will … Read More »

Great Workplace Communication

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A workplace thrives on communication and everything breaks down to the minute levels of communication. I am talking about only work-related communications and not water-cooler conversations. Even though communication is more of a reflex action, more often we simply communicate without giving a thought. Sometimes communications are misconstrued and this leads to misunderstanding. Thus, it … Read More »

7 Ways to Lead During Times of Stress and Change

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As a manager, have you ever felt squashed between all the work rolling down hill and the pressure of supporting your already overwhelmed team? Or perhaps you’re frustrated with a team that doesn’t seem to “get it” and isn’t working at full capacity?

During times of change, there’s a natural tendency for employees to go into … Read More »

The Integration of Technology in Government

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The ushering in of the information age from the industrial age was supposed to allow an individual to live anywhere and remain a productive member of society.  This meant that someone could, if they found it desirable, live in the forests of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and through the use of telecommunications, work in … Read More »