LinkedIn: Construct a Clickable and Compelling headline

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LinkedIn: Construct a Clickable and Compelling headline

Posted on March 11th, by Karalyn Brown in Trends. No Comments

So you’re pretty chuffed with your job title and like so many others have included it in your LinkedIn headline.  The truth is, to make the right first impression you need more than a fancy job title (and good dress sense).  The highly valuable headline space is your opportunity to stand out.

It may be the … Read More »

Working With An Elected or Appointed Council Board

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In the public sector, like other sectors, many would like to aspire to the top level executive job at some point in their careers. This, of course, means that your skills, abilities and knowledge must be finely honed to a level that can be applied at the very top of the organization and effective for … Read More »

Local Government: Continued Erosion of Faith and Trust

Posted on March 11th, by Jonathan Sweet in About the Public Sector. 2 comments

The Effects of ‘Community Warming’ 

Local governments, public servants and their respective communities across the country are beginning to face the wrath of a phenomenon known as ‘Community Warming’.  This drastic change in community climate is a direct result of manmade environmental conditions that have led to the continued erosion of faith, confidence … Read More »

Veterans in the Workplace: Transitioning From Military to Civilian

Posted on March 11th, by Gonzalo Duran in eligibility/hiring issues. No Comments

It is a tough shift for some to segue from an enlisted or commissioned member of the military to a civilian. What is lost in the transition process is how valuable a Veteran is! What would make that individual marketable in the work place you ask? Let me paint you a picture of the average … Read More »

How Combining Disciplines Can Help Your Career

Posted on February 15th, by David Shindler in Trends. No Comments

The idea of a career as a pre-determined and linear path is being challenged in many areas of working life.  An increasingly common experience is a changing set of mini-careers, like riding a carousel rather than climbing a ladder, where you get on and off at various times of your life.

At one end of the … Read More »

Veterans Are Taking Off Their Boots To Put On a Suit

Posted on February 15th, by Gonzalo Duran in education/training. No Comments

The biggest problem with Taking Off the Boots To Put On A Suit is the transition from service member to civilian. Every service member knows that the mission to protect America comes first. This means your time while in service is consumed with tactical and strategic job requirements. Service members are compelled with a year … Read More »

Strategy and Costing: The Core of Public Sector Labor Negotiations

Posted on January 20th, by Michael Falkow in Trends. No Comments

Among the many facets of public administration one can be immersed into, perhaps the most interesting (and at times nerve-racking) is that of public sector labor negotiations.

There are many great books, essays, and papers that discuss the broad field of negotiations and labor relations, and some even specialize in the public sector.  While most cover … Read More »

How to Stick with Your New Year’s Resolutions at Work

Posted on January 20th, by Juliana Weiss-Roessler in education/training. No Comments

Oh, January. The month always starts out with so much promise—it’s a chance to set goals for the upcoming year and wipe the slate clean of past bad habits. We start out strong, buying fresh ingredients at the grocery store or starting a gym membership, but midway through the year (or the next month, in … Read More »

The Appeal of Local Government

Posted on January 19th, by Rafael Baptista in About the Public Sector. No Comments

Despite serving on the Advisory Board of an organization dedicated to local government professionals, I came into my MPA program at UNC-Chapel Hill interested in federal government. But over the last five months, while maintaining an interest in the federal government, I have come to embrace and desire a potential career in local government.

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The Manager’s Role in Retaining Talent

Posted on January 18th, by Beverly Kaye in Trends. No Comments

Surveys measuring overall employee satisfaction attest to the fact that government workers are more disengaged on the job than their private-sector peers. Turnover can be directed to either the more positively perceived private-sector, or more forward thinking government agencies. The leaders/managers are the driving forces that can determine the outcome one way or the other.

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