Exclusive HR Predictions for The New Year

The end of the year is always the perfect time to consider trends and predictions for the New Year. As the Human Resource Management sector is on track to reach $30 billion by 2025, we will continue to see new innovations and solutions take hold in 2019. But how will these innovations affect job seekers? Let’s look at some of the predictions and what some of the trends for job seekers in 2019 will be.

The Biggest Reason People Hate Meetings

People don’t hate meetings. They hate bad meetings. And there’s a long list of reasons why so many meetings are bad: there’s no decision to be made (it should have been an email; there’s no agenda and the meeting goes in circles; no one clarifies the action items and nothing gets done; you invited the wrong people and everyone’s multi-tasking; the list goes on an on.

Renewal and Transformation

Every December brings with it a certain amount of joy, exuberance, and happiness. Every New Year brings with it a renewed sense of optimism, hopefulness and most likely a heightened sense of prosperity for the year ahead.

Retaining Leadership Humility: Being a Good Leader Doesn’t Require Being a Bad Person

The bottom line as a leader is that you need to make time to get up from your desk, leave your hubris in your office, do a walkabout and talk to your people.

How Asking Questions Can Help Your Career

Early in my career, I was an advisor to cabinet officers in two White House administrations. I then worked for several members of the U.S. Senate. Although this was my only experience in government work, it gave me a good taste for career management. After all, in those posts, I was a political appointee with virtually zero job security beyond my own competence. On any given day I could have been fired for wearing the wrong tie to work.

Body Language Tips for Phone Interviews

Mindless body language habits can sabotage you in any interview, even if it’s over the phone. Let your body be your ally. With intention (and a little practice wouldn’t hurt, either), you can use body language to your advantage even when no one is looking.

5 Tips for GRE Preparation

It’s definitely not the SAT. As the portal for entry into most graduate programs, the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) is another academic animal altogether—and something you’d better be sure you’ve prepared for before you pull up that first question. As Neil Seltzer, the...

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Putting the Meat in Team

There is a growing trend in the private firms of staff development which has shown signs of success.  The lunch meeting with a potential new team member to see how the person interacts with potentially new coworkers has been on the rise.  The theory behind the concept...

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Hiring for Cultural Fit

They just didn’t work out. The hardest part of selecting a new hire is figuring whether or not they will fit into your organization. A strong resume and skill set are impressive but most hiring managers would agree that long-term employee success depends on whether a...

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Recruiters and Older Job Seekers

We all know being an older Job Seeker is just a state of mind.  Most of us are ready to contribute right now, regardless of our birth generation. However, it seems there is continuing bias against workforce veterans… and that relevancy as a candidate is perhaps...

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Public Policy: The Good & Bad

Local, regional and even national public policy brings both opportunity to grow and evolve, and on occasion, a related opportunity to step back to a previous position or place if a policy doesn’t work.  Two excellent illustrations of ‘the choice after the choice’ I...

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Boomers and Millennials: Gen-X to the Rescue!

As many are aware, the generations have aligned on the American workplace like the planets in some science fiction movie.  However, this does not have to alert us to the doom of the known world as with so many of those movies.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good...

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HR Innovation Plan 2014

Our CEO Stan has started taking Xanax, an anti-anxiety pill Why is he worried? The revenue stream from new products is only “semi wow “due to limited innovation and feeble leadership provided by R&D Chief Comrade Carl Marks and his hapless team. Since Comrade Carl...

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A Career In Public Safety

In pursuing A Career In Public Safety, I needed a new suit for several upcoming interviews as I ventured into a career in Public Safety. I visited a men’s clothing store and was helped by a salesman who presented himself with a “kindred spirit” like connection. In the...

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