What’s Happening? The Importance of Knowing What Influences Your Organization

Despite the desire to avoid change, in a fast-paced world, there are constant influences outside your organization that can affect its direction.

23 Leadership Habits of Successful Government Employees

These habits can easily be translated into leadership qualities that help propel government employees to success.

Two Unexpected Ways to Earn the Attention of Your Distracted Team

Teammates get distracted constantly by the barrage of noise around them – and that means they do not pay as much attention to YOUR emails, conversations, texts, or smoke signals. So, if you want to get and keep their attention you NEED to take note of these 2 unexpected suggestions to improve your impact.


In the majority of the personal development material I’ve studied, the emphasis on clarity comes back again and again.

How To Help Your Employees Overcome Fear and Share More Ideas

When people spend their courage reserves just getting past the bad stuff, there’s no energy left for the courage your business needs most—creative problem solving and micro-innovation.

Leading with Humanity

I am writing this because I want to encourage other leaders to allow these moments of vulnerability in their organizations and hope that other teams will be open to sharing their truth as our team did.

Forget Time Management. Try This Instead.

Forget Time Management. Try This Instead.

Let’s face it: How many of us really want to be the passenger on an airplane with an exhausted, pilot at the helm? When you’re in a leadership role, managing your own energy is vital to your ability to impact and influence others.
We are busy.

In fact, we’re busier than we’ve ever been.

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Are you looking for a government career? Your journey starts now!

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